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Electricity Europe

Walkabout Universal Adapter with USB

Walkabout Universal Adapter

It is a high probability that all your electronics are dual voltage. (Look for 100-240V on the power supply.) If so, you have no need for a converter. USB ports are also important in today's world. Our Walkabout Universal Adapter features a clever design which contains all the major adapters on the planet as well as two high powered USB charging ports. Input power: 100~250V. USB Max. Output power: 5V DC ~ 1000mA. AC Max. Power: AC 125V~6A / AC 250V~3A. CE and ROHS approved for safety.

  • With the Walkabout Universal Adapter, you eliminate the need of bringing any other chargers for devices that charge with a USB port. Cell Phones, PDA, MP3/MP4 players, iPod, iPhone, iPad, travel speakers. Supports higher powered items like iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 4.
  • Even better, it has two USB power ports!
  • For AC Charging, use the plug for dual voltage laptops, netbooks, C-PAP machines. With a 100-250 volt output, you can use it anywhere on the planet Earth. (Additional adapters needed where India or South Africa plugs are needed. No worries -- we sell those.)
  • Can simultaneously charge devices through the USB and AC power sockets.
  • Has surge protection with safety shutout. Fuse protection as well.
  • Compact size, lightweight. Made of fire resistance materials.
If you are unsure if your electronics are dual voltage, get the Walkabout Solution. If you are taking a hair dryer or other device with a heating element, get one of our HiLo kits.

#WA777 Walkabout Universal Adapter with USB $24.95

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The Walkabout Solution

Walkabout Converter

Tired of worrying if you have the correct adapter? Tired of worrying if your electronics are dual voltage? We have the solution. The Walkabout SolutionTM automatically adjusts incoming voltage, whether if you are in a 110-120V country (Like North America) or 220-240V country. (Everywhere else.) Output voltage is always correct for North American products. Even better, the built-in USB port also charges cell phones and iPads, so two items can be charged at once. The built-in adapters work worldwide -- the enclosed Euro adapter even allows for recessed European connections. Indicator lights indicate power status for AC and USB power ports. Protected by a thermal detection circuit, which will shut the unit off if it gets too hot. Just let the unit cool and plug back in. Fuse protected. Tiny and lightweight: Product dimensions: 1.9 x 1.6 x 1.8 inches; 3.8 ounces. USB charging current is 1000mA continuous.

Laptop, smart phone, iPad, Kindle -- it's all you need. No dual voltage worries. No adapter worries.

  • Accepts two or three pronged North American plugs.
  • Rated for electronics up to 250 watts.
  • Thermal protection against overheating. Fuse protected.
  • Built in USB charging port. Two items can be plugged in at once, one USB item and one AC item.
  • Fully automated -- automatically detects incoming voltage and adjusts accordingly.
  • The most common plug styles are built in -- no need for extra adapters except where the South Africa style is used.
  • Power status indicators. Small and lightweight. CE approved.
  • Not for hair dryers or other items with heating elements. (Get a HiLo Kit, just below.)
"Multi-outlet configuration in a compact package. Perfect for keeping batteries charged when traveling to different countries." -- Bernard M., Bothell WA
"Worked like a charm in both England and France." -- Sue E., Sacramento, CA
"Awesome product. Loaned our other one to a friend and they loved it so much we told to keep it... Thanks for providing the perfect travel charger!" -- Laura C., Peoria, IL

#301A The Walkabout Solution $29.95

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HiLo Converter Kits

HiLo Travel Converter Kit

Everybody is. What converter do I need? What adapter do I need? What's the difference between an adapter and a converter, anyway? Even computer hackers and rocket scientists throw up their hands trying to solve this dilemma. We've solved it. Our Hi-Lo Combination Converter/Transformer Kit is the solution to a problem only modern mankind has faced. Contains a dual circuit converter\transformer with five plug-in adapters which fit almost every 2-pin (non grounded) electrical outlet Homo sapiens has invented. The converter/transformer has a high switch for appliances between 50 and 1650 watts and a low switch for equipment under 50 watts. Accepts 2-pin, polarized equipment. Low setting can be used for items like cell phones, camera or Kindle chargers; high setting is for non-electronic items like hair dryers. Our Hi-Lo Converter/Transformer is the cream of the crop, and contains a safety fuse to prevent damage to appliances. Everything fits into a convenient carrying case. Surprisingly small and lightweight: 5 1/2 x 3 x 2 inches. Weight 14 oz. ROHS compliant. Adapters included: # 300 United Kingdom, # 380 UK Shaver, # 400 Europe, #600 Australia / China, and # 700 North America. (Be sure to check wattage of your appliance before operation. If taking a flat iron, check with the manufacturer as some cannot be used internationally even with a converter.)

  • Low setting is for low wattage electronics like cell phones, cameras and battery chargers.
  • High setting is for electric appliances up to 1650 watts, like hairdryers.
  • Not for laptops. If your laptop is dual voltage get the All-in-One Adapter. If not dual voltage or if you are unsure, get the Walkabout Solution.
  • Not for continuous use.

Or skip the converter -- get a dual voltage appliance! Click here.

Auto-Switching HiLo Travel Converter Kit Our #1875 HiLo Converter / Transformer Kit ranges all the way up to 1875 watts for high power hair dryers and other appliances. Low transformer setting is up to 25 watts for cell phone and other chargers.

New! Our Auto-Switching HiLo Kit takes the worry out of forgetting to flip a switch! Automatic load sensing allows use with 110-120 volt electronic and motorized appliances that require 50 watts or less and with heating appliances that require 2000 watts or less. More expensive but stress-free.

#VCAP Auto-Switching HiLo Converter / Transformer Kit $49.95

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